Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

I have never been a fan of the movies, and as proof I guess one could say that my having been to the movie theater 4 times in the last 35 years would serve as proof. Even as a kid I really didn't have a big fascination for the silver screen. The only exception to this was my Jr Hi years when I was part of the Noon Movie crew who showed 10 minutes of a movie each day during the lunch period. The entry cost to see the day's showing was $0.02, and by the time you had spent $0.30 you got to see a full featured movie. Now most of these were B rated thrillers like Godzilla does Los Angeles, or something of equal intellectual value, where there was a peak moment of excitement every 10 minutes or so and at which point, or more truthfully just moments prior, we could shut off the show requiring a return on the next day to see what happened. This was back in the days of the old carbon arc movie projectors whose light was provided by the burning of two carbon rods which not only produced the light but a lot of heat, so much so, that it the movie was stopped without the light gate being closed, the acetate would immediatly melt. Occasionally though we got to show a movie of reasonable value, and one I did see in the theater, and I believe we also showed at school, was "On The Beach", a 1959 adaptation of Nevil Shute's book about a nuclear holocaust set in Australia. A very well done movie which addressed the reality of an all out nuclear war. As I was working with some of the images taken at the moonrise shoot, this story came to mind and with a bit of meddling and some small amount of thought, I came up with my version of the nuclear holocaust. Obviously an image of the creative type, I share it as the first one of this type for the new year. ISO 200; 1/60 sec @ f / 5.6.