Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

After having been in discussion for almost 8 months, it has been determined that I will be teaching a class in Beginning Digital Photography at the local school where I am still doing a long term SPED sub job. The class begins tomorrow afternoon and I just now got the class roster: 19 students, and, oh by the way, some are low income and likely won't have a camera. And I thought the sub job was a challenge . . . . . Of course there is already a syllabus ready to go based on the concept that those taking the class would be looking for something serious. For the past hour I've been pondering about the best way to proceed and decided I'll just plunge them into the deep end of the pool and see who surfaces. Taking a Daily Image approach, image and discussion, it may just work out O.K. Last week I shared a couple of images from the Mt Baker area in which I discussed some HDR approaches. Just to prove that such an approach isn't always necessary, here is another image from that same series only this time the only alteration I've made was to take out a very offensive traffic sign that doesn't need to be there anyway. And I even left in a couple humans to be very different. On this trip I never could find a wind free moment and was unable to get the lake surface totally still so I went with a slight ripple approach hoping that what the image lacked in mirror like quality could be replaced by a bit of texture. The one advantage of this approach, if there is one, is that one tends to not feel the need to show the entire mountain and an equal amount of its reflection which generally results in a mirror image split equally in half which in truth is somewhat boring but done all too frequently. With the ripple effect folks tend to not feel the need to show equality and such is the case with what you have today. ISO 200; 1/250 sec @ f / 10.