Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

I had the opportunity Wednesday afternoon/evening of leading a Seattle Mountaineers Photo Committee photo shoot to capture the full moon rising over the downtown area of Seattle from West Seattle. The moon is full over the city looking easterly in Jan and southerly in June when we shoot from Kerry Park. The group was comprised of roughly 10 folks from the Mountaineers but a few others joined us to inquire as to how best to shoot the scene. We got there early enough to witness and enjoy the sun setting on the architecture of the city for which it is rightly known. We shot the sunset for the better part of 90 minutes before being romanced by a most lovely orange moon. Shortly before the moon arose one of the members inquired why we started so early if we were there to shoot the moon. About 20 minutes after asking the question he got it answered when the setting looked about like this image. I've intentionally over used the noise reduction tools on this image, shot just 15 minutes prior to moonrise, to make for an artistically softer image as it is the shape and color I want to emphasize, not the specific minute details of the buildings, although they are sharply there in the original. ISO 200; 1/6 sec @ f /10 on a tripod.