Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

Travel along I-5 N approximately 60 miles to the town of Burlington, WA at which point you exit and take SR20 E roughly 40 miles to the town of Rockport, WA. You are now in the heart of the Bald Eagle viewing area, which lasts for about three months peaking in the early part of December when the salmon spawn is at its height. As you might imagine, the congregation of birds tends to follow the salmon run. We made the visit about two weeks post peak, so there were still plenty of birds to see, and for those of you living near me there is still time to go see a lot of birds. However, should you wait too long, and miss the big bird display, you will simply have to spend your time looking at what remains behind after the birds depart. Assuming you make your visit on a somewhat sunny day, the local scenery isn't altogether that bad, but, should you desire something more, there is always an opportunity to go rafting down the Skagit River, visit a local salmon hatchery, do a bit of snow related activities, or just visit some of the local communities for some interesting sight seeing. The bottom line is that for a day trip it would be hard to find this anything other than relaxing, to the degree that you may not want to return to your place of origin. As an example, I submit this roadside view taken from the bridge across the Skagit River in Rockport. Oh yes, for those of you counting birds, try your luck with this image; yesterday's image had at least 13 that I can easily point out, there may be a few I missed. ISO 320; 1/ 800 sec @ f / 9.