Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

We start year 6 with a shot taken over this past weekend. For the last 4 days we have had absolutely glorious winter weather with clear blue skies, bright sunshine, and temps in the 20s. As the former announcer for the Seattle baseball team was frequently heard to say, "MY OH MY!", it just doesn't get any better. So off we went up along the North Cascades Highway (SR20) leaving home while the moon and Venus were the only things lighting the sky and returned to the same. Along the way we passed through Rockport, WA, and continued through Marblemount,WA up into the hills for some fantastic views of the Eldorado Mountains (part of the "American Alps"), frozen vegetation along partially falling streams, wonderful icicles, a wild herd of perhaps 35 Roosevelt Elk, and more than 60 Bald Eagles. And if that wasn't enough, we finished off the shooting with a side trip to Fir Island, WA for some lovely sunset images and an opportunity to watch the full flock of c10,000 Snow Geese lift off in unison a time or two plus a small show of maybe 300 Trumpeter Swans. Just couldn't ask for a much better day than that. Well, perhaps you could ask, but I don't think it would be realistic. I got enough material from that one day shoot to provide images for a couple of weeks, so lets start with a concluding shot just to be different. With the cold weather, snow that had fallen earlier was still clinging to whatever it could, and this made for our first exposure to it on the shoreline of Fir Island. With the winter sun rapidly sinking, that beautiful light, coupled with a bit of intentional underexposure, provided for some spectacular shots. This is one I really liked from the group. ISO 200; 1/640 sec @ f/ 11.