Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

Yesterday we looked at an image that was designed to mimic what you can do using HDR software without having any such product. Here is another from the same series, this time shot with the idea of creating an HDR image using HDR software. The image was created using three differet shots, one exposed as the camera thought proper, another two stops under exposed, and a 3rd two stops over exposed. The software used was HDR efex Pro from nik software, costing $80, and it is a plug-in to Photoshop which you also must purchase and which was what I used to work the single image I shared yesterday. Now the question one must ask is whether or not it is worth the extra $$ to get the result you see today. It is much quicker to be sure, and offers many cookie cutter solutions that require nothing more than the click of a mouse button, but the bottom line is, is this a significantly better image than what I sent yesterday. If time is money, then it is certainly worth the additional cost, but if one is not producing material for a living, it becomes a fair question. You decide. ISO 200; 1/320 sec @ f/16 for the right on exposure.