Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

There are two tricks to getting the images you desire: 1) being there when they occur, and 2) having the camera with you. How many times have you found yourself saying " insert your own choice of modifier, I wish I had my camera with me!" Now, if you've never said that either 1) you're the greatest photographer in history, 2) not a photographer, or 3) you're not being honest with yourself. There are of course at least three ways of fixing this problem which are either keeping your main DSLR with you at all times (not a bad idea), purchasing one of the smaller DSLRs like the Canon "G" series or Nikon "P" series, which will fit in your coat pocket or handbag, or getting one of the newer smart phones which take amazingly good images, and far better than none at all. Whichever approach you elect, you stand a reasonably good chance of getting that image, the degree of which will depend to some level on your talent. With the light constantly changing, you either take the image the moment you see it or accept that it will be roughly 22,000+ years until the light is falling on that same spot in exactly the same way. A bit too long a wait for most of us; or at least for those with whom I'm familiar. So we either get the image when we see it or miss it; the familiar "you can go back and get it later" just doesn't happen. For example, here is the sky roughly 2 minutes after I took the shot I shared yesterday. In both instances, it was get it now or forever wish you had. ISO 320; 1/40 sec @ f / 6.3 hand held in 24ºF temp.