Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

Well, I had a roster of 19 students, 17 showed up for the first of what is now 8 vice 10 sessions, and 2 elected to leave their class materials behind. Of the 17, 13 have cameras, and one wonderful colleague offered up 4 small point 'n shoots to fill in the void. So it looks like we are off to a reasonably good start. Of course I had to explain to a couple intrepid students that cells phones, texting, and iPods were NOT part of the class. Unlike my normal group, they immediately complied. Musta scared 'em. We went over the expectations, the basics of a camera, and looked at a "few" examples of what I thought constituted a relatively acceptable image, and why. By then there were a handful that were eager to start shooting immediately, and who were a bit disappointed that there wasn't an initial assignment. There was of course, but it was study. After class I headed out but wound up chatting with a couple other staff members. By the time I left the building the sky was turning a beautiful pink, so I grabbed a few parking lot photos of the sky, then headed to Sunset Hill Park. By the time I arrived the sunset was just about peaking and truly something to behold. I spent about 10 minutes shooting it and then it was all but over. The light was low when I arrived, and continued to decrease as I was shooting, so not having a tripod with me, switched to a high ISO and shot away hand held. The high ISO provided for a lot of noise which was to prove useful for effect in the images. One of them is what you see today, taken at the climax of the show. Now since the tools of noise reduction are really nothing more than careful blurring, I used a LOT of noise reduction to smooth out the sky portion of this image (made a selection of just the sky and applied the noise reduction to just that) and then inverted that selection to isolate the water portion and applied just a bit of noise reduction to that as I wanted to keep a fair amount of noise for texture. Then I applied a very tiny amount of a curves adjustment to slightly increase the contrast, with the result being what you see. ISO 800; 1/60 sec @ f / 5.6. To make up for the missed image last week, I'll send out another tomorrow taken just 55 seconds later than the one you see now.