Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

Just to set the tone for today's image I'll warn you that it will take some sleuthing to see that about which I'm writing. For a moment, think about all the outdoor shows/movies you've ever seen that featured water droplets falling off something like an icicle or frozen anything and you have the topic for today. While we were driving along the mountainside outside of Marblemount, we passed several small and lovely waterfalls, most of which were nothing more than water falling over an embankment and splashing below at the roadside. But occasionally we came across water spilling over some large rocks which in the process had formed some very pretty icicles. With the sun shining directly on them, even in 27º F temps, the icicles were dripping and the droplets of water falling to the pools below. Jan wanted me to try and capture the falling drops, so I set the camera to shoot as fast as I could and made a few feeble attempts. This one actually captured two different droplets and as I like to rock formation behind the water in both forms, thought I'd share it. Look closely at the very bottom of the image at six o'clock for one of the droplets, and diagonally upward to the bottom of the section of white rock for the other. Both are blurred, but as they are refracting the light you will see a bit of a color spectrum in them. ISO 200; 1/250 sec @ f / 10.