Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

As I mentioned yesterday there is simply one beautiful scene after another as you traverse SR20; some of the pastoral settings along the way might almost make you want to become part of the landscape. During my first tour of duty I had commented to one of my enlisted troops "don't let then treat you like cattle" which he understood to be something along the lines of my thinking of them as cattle. There were some hard feelings until we got it all straightened out. But in looking at some of the settings in which I saw cattle along the drive, I couldn't help but think, to some small degree, that if what I was seeing was what it meant to be cattle, perhaps I wouldn't mind being treated in that manner for a while. The image I shared yesterday is simply the top of what is serving as the background for the image today. Image the tranquility provided by spending a few hours in a place such as this. And after a week like what I've just had, I'm thinking I'm ready to trade places with one of those bovine. ISO 200; 1/320 sec @ f / 11.