Daily Image - Jan 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

Living as I do stuck between two major mountain ranges and a large body of open water, the opportunities for shooting something of grandeur is generally available within either walking distance (Sunset Hill Park for example) or by auto in short distance (Kerry Park) or long distance (any of the mountainous areas). Of course one must orchestrate such opportunity with the weather and find the appropriate subject based on either ones inclination, ability, or both. Wednesday and Thursday of last week provided some spectacular sunset opportunities (the last two images I sent), and true to form, two days of good weather was really asking far too much so Friday and the rest of the weekend made up for it. But I got out on Friday to take advantage of the truly ugly weather, and taking a lead from my frequent classroom portable view of the Olympics in the morning, made a jaunt up Edmonds way to shoot the Olympics from a different perspective. The frequently provided beautiful view of the morning light striking the tops of the Olympics was this day being channeled through a hole in the clouds, and almost struck me as an example of God painting with light, using the sun to illuminate the mountains, much as we mortals like to do with portable lights and lesser subjects. There was even a bit of morning ground fog tossed in for interest. ISO 400; 1/800 @ f /5.6.