Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

With the weather for the weekend looking good, we set off Saturday morning to go across the sound for a meeting on the house. We left the house in some strong winds, got to the terminal to find the line backing up, waited at the fare booth and then once we got the fare paid scurried to our place in line. Got to the police control point and were told to wait; then finally motioned to continue. I switched boarding lanes because I prefer the exit in the right hand lane once the ferry docks. Got on the approach and was motioned into the overflow lane. After sitting there for perhaps five minutes, we were motioned to move forward; ours was the last vehicle to get on board. The crossing was very stormy and I got some great images, only to loose that Saturday night due to being so tired I failed to account for what I did and wound up not dong the transfer before formatting the card for a Sunday shoot. But at least I have the memories. Worked on house projects all day till dusk, then left for home hoping for the possibility of a few sunset shots. I wasn't to be disappointed; the sunset was of the golden orange variety and by the time we reached the ferry terminal it was becoming quite a show, both in the west and the east. So for today a shot of the show in the west. ISO 400; 1/400 sec @ f / 10.