Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

Traveling up to Rockport to shoot the eagles as we did on that last Friday in December offered us a sight we have never before experenced, and that was to see a herd of wapiti free roaming on this side of the Cascades. Now to be sure we have seen signs warning of elk crossings in many areas in our lives, as well as having visited elk reserves in eastern WA, but to actually see the critters we've been warned about lo these many decades free roaming was a real treat. We were driving along highway 20 outside Concrete by perhaps 10 miles when I noticed a truck on the side of the road so I slowed down, tourist-like, to see what had caused the driver to pull off and noticed the herd crossing a farmer's field. I quickly pulled to a stop with Jan telling me I'd never have time to get a photo but I persevered since I had nothing better to do and besides, the dog needed a road stop as well. So out I hopped, grabbed as many shots as I could before they crossed over into a more secluded area, and then, nearly frozen in the low 20 temps and ever brilliant morning sunshine, tried to coax the dog into doing whatever it was she thought she needed to do which it turned out was to sniff every blade of grass available and then get back intothe vehicle. And that was the first and last time we've seen a wild herd of wapiti. ISO 320; 1/125 sec @ f / 10.