Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

It's been said that the devil is in the details, and nothing could be truer than the inner - we'll be polite and say - workings of educational systems which is the reason that tomorrow's wake up is the conclusion of the long term subbing. I had struggled with making that decision for weeks, but then last weeks events made it all to clear, and, the decision to leave was cemented. I'm truly looking forward to having my time as my own. Now it is subbing only on days when photographic opportunities are not prime, but there are a lot of "opportunities" that have gone missing that are soon to be consummated, and there are three that should be happening next week. So with just a wee bit of cooperation of the weather and the critters, we should have some nice stuff with which to play. At least two of those will deal with water fowl of differing sizes and kinds, one north and the other south, to an area that I've visited before but which was closed for a year for "renovations" and is now open once again with a full face lift. I guess I could more accurately say with a full new body and wardrobe. The visit will hopefully confirm the accolades I've been reading concerning the environment providing for some shots like today's only taken on the water vice a finger pier. But the devil is in more than just institutions and in the case of today's image also in the plumage of the animal. It is all too easy to just look at a bird and think, gee, that's pretty. Instead, we need to look very closely at the detail that comprises the feathers in order to develop a full appreciation for the intricacies that go into that plumage. Then realize that these lovely colors will soon be transformed into a drab wardrobe to match his mate while raising the children only to be returned back once again to the dapper apparel you see here once the kids have left, not only the nest, but the neighborhood as well.If all goes well I should be able to share with the group in the after school camera class. Trying to get the kids back into the classroom after being out with their cameras today reminded me of attempting to herd cats, so I think we may have some new candidates for providing images for the school yearbook. It was really fun to see them come alive and share with me the new things they were trying out on their own! ISO 400; 1/250 sec @ f / 14