Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

There were two crowning events of last week, and both were related to photography. One was the talk presented by Tim Grey and the other the after school camera class I got to teach. First Tim, then the class. Tim put on his usual excellent presentation, then opened up the later portion of the evening for questions. Always answering questions with a bit of humor mixed in with the needed info, it was fun to listen to him deal with the seemingly never ending discussion of how large an image, in terms of ppi, should one provide for digital display. The answer of course, as I written about plenty, is it has no bearing on the presented image at all as the computer and video card will use what they need to make full use of the hardware available, and ignore the rest. None the less, there is always the hard core group who just cannot fathom the physics of the problem and who continue to put forth the old 72ppi max. A few months after I had written four lengthy articles on this, and freely shared them, a full page article to the same appeared in Photoshop User Magazine. It was almost too much a coincidence to not notice. Tim handled the question with great aplomb, but I know some in the audience were not convinced. So for me it was a bit entertaining. That was Wednesday evening, followed by a Thursday late afternoon camera class. Thursday's attendance was substantially smaller with two official dropouts and a few more absent, such that I had only 13 kiddies. But 13 who wanted to be there. I offered to cut my presentations for the night short and was resoundingly told no way, the presentations were too good to cut short (they are my photos to which I talk about what is good and what is not). With that done, we went outside to shoot for about 30 minutes. With a little encouragement, the kids caught fire, were doing things photographically they never envisioned, and it was close to herding cats to get them back into the classroom to finish up for the day. The next morning I even had them running to the portable to tell me what they had done with their images once they got home that evening. (A real nice break form the daily classroom on-goings). As they left the building to hurry home after class, I found myself hurrying to Sunset Hill Park to see what might be image worthy. Much to my delight there was a nicely placed fishing vessel hurrying home itself to Shilshoal Bay Marina for the evening, so I pressed the shutter for a couple clicks and hurried home myself. ISO 200; 1/100 sec @ f / 10.