Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

With the weather looking to be quite nice on Sunday, I made the decision to leave early and get to the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge for sunrise. The drive down was quite spectacular with an almost full moon sitting over my right shoulder all the way and the Cascade Range beautifully silhouetted against a creamy pre-dawn glow. It couldn't have been more spectacular unless I had elected (I didn't) to pull over and attempt to cross 6 lanes of I-5 to get the picture. That could have wound up being really spectacular and maybe even made the news. By the time I arrived at the refuge the moon was just beginning to sink behind the horizon and offered some interesting shots some of which I'll share later in the week. I had dressed expecting it to be cold, but not well enough to keep the lower half of the not-so-youthful bod warm in the 24° F temp. Apparently I wasn't the only one feeling the cold as I saw just one Kingfisher, one woodpecker, about a dozen Mallards, three Red Heads, one nesting pair of Canada Geese, perhaps a dozen little birdies, plus several hundred departing Canada geese. Not one mammal, reptile, insect, or any other form of life except for the plants. Overall a very disappointing trip, especially considering all the hype about it in the local rag. But one is supposed to make lemonade out of lemons so I did find a couple of images that might be worth your time. Walking along the boardwalk I noticed the sun attempting to sneak in through some of the undercover and I thought that its sneak preview might just make for an acceptable image. ISO 500; 1/160 @ f / 7.1.