Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

Depending upon whom you ask, Seattle has many different monikers. If one were to ask them as a question for a classroom exercise, it might something like Seattle is known as: (a) rain city; (b), jet city; (c) music city; (d) emerald city; (e) light city. And there are likely one or two I've either forgotten or not yet heard. For today's exercise the more correct answer would be (b), the jet city. While we were participating in the January full moon event from West Seattle I was aware of numerous aircraft on final to SEATAC International airport and thought it might be fun, as a diversionary exercise, to see if I could incorporate one into a photo in an interesting way. While I shot several, one in particular met my definition of interesting, and I share it today. The aircraft is in the direct line of light that is illuminating the buildings, and as such is also illuminated in that same warm light. There were many aircraft passing as we waited, but this was the only one that I caught with light on it. If you look closely you should see another that is not in the path of the sunlight. ISO 200; 1/320 sec @ f/ 11.