Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

Friday turned out to be one of those perfect days, beautiful blue skies, a few puffy white clouds, bright sunshine, and, on Fir Island, as it turned out, thousands of birds. So I elected for an early afternoon departure and ventured forth to find the shooting condition in prime condition. Stupidly, in my opinion, the last couple of years it has seemingly been determined that having folks come up to the island to shoot birds and spend money is a bad idea and the local gestapo is now ticketing anyone who dares to even stop and grab a photo. As I approached the Fir Island Farm/Hayden Reserve I noticed the main flock of c10K Snow Geese right up next to the road about a half mile away, so I parked the SUV at the reserve and walked back to where the birds were located. After having been working with the birds for about 20 minutes an individual in a fish and game department jacket came up and began to hassle me. We had an exchange of words that came close to more than just words. He then proceeded into the field and shooed away all the birds so we couldn't get the images we were trying to capture. At first he really POed me, but then I got to thinking, I always wanted a trained eagle to make the birds fly, and here at my disposal was this semi-trained ape, so why not just let him keep scaring the birds (since they were obviously smarter than he as they just kept coming back) while I shot away. So, when he finally tired of trying to move them away, I had several hundred shots in a 30 minute period of time that would have otherwise required a couple of days. A case of turning lemons into lemon juice, sweetened of course. I then returned to the SUV to review the capture of not only the Snow Geese but many shots of formation flying Trumpeter Swans and some Bald Eagles just for good measure. I was really pleased and feeling pretty good about the start of my afternoon shoot when the driver's side window popped off the tracks falling down into the door bringing about a sudden and disappointing end to the day's work. A return to the city got all taken care of but with a somewhat bummed out dave who would have liked to have fully taken advantage of such an opportunity. The shot you see today was one of those from the geese being harassed, shows them from a different perspective than I've normally been able to get, and has had some of the birds in the very top removed so as to give you a clean view of what it looks like when they launch as a group, except, in this case about half of the birds just couldn't be bothered. Zoom in, it will withstand considerably enlarging, and look at the lower right hand side.The image is a bit busy, but nowhere as busy as being there! ISO 200; 1/1600 sec @ f / 9.