Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

In my secondary school years I remember there was an add for Memorex magnetic tape which had as it main theme "Is it real or is it Memorex?" There was usually a "live" performance of some woman singing and then a repeat with the question being is it once again the individual singing or a playback of her voice recorded on Memorex tape. Of course the implication was that the second performance was a recorded one and that it was so good that you couldn't tell the difference. My cousin's farm is laid out such that not only do you have a reasonable view looking west toward the Olympics, but there is a resident flock of Canada Geese who daily provide for some potential image enhancement. The question of course now is whether or not the image for today is exactly as it occurred or has there been some hanky panky employed to get what you are seeing. Could there have been the simultaneous sky, sunset, and transitioning geese, or was there something added to something else. There are three options of a) it all happened as seen, b) just the geese were added, or c) both the geese and the sunset were added. A real close examination will likely not help you come to your conclusion, so it will have to be a gut feeling. And so it went today with second class session of the after school class in photography. A full 5% of the students did the assigned homework in preparation for the class, 5 thought it would be more fun to try and talk over the teacher (they were offered a pass out) and one other was more concerned with her phone, just in case "her mother was trying to text her." Doubt we'll see her again. So, not having done their homework, I do believe that they lost out on a lot as we covered, somewhat thoroughly, the subject of composition with roughly 50 images presented and analyzed. In at least two instances it was a question of "real or Memorex" but I think most of the class just didn't get the concept. Next week we'll do likewise dealing specifically with light and lighting; here's hoping for a slightly more responsible group of students. Meanwhile, what did you decide? ISO 200; 1/800 sec @ f / 4.5.