Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

On the days when the weather is clear, I get to look out my classroom window(s) at the Olympic Mountain range and watch the absolutely delightful play of light on the Olympic peaks. It is a mid-morning show, starting around 0730 and fully over by 1000, with varying acts every hour. As I have a front row seat I have been asked by others to give them a ring on the tele when I see something really nice so they too can take a minute out of their mornings to charge their batteries. This is something I'm truly going to miss when this particular subbing job completes. Such shows are obviously not limited to seeing the mountain peaks, but apply to just about any subject that may be directly impacted by the rotation of the earth as it basks in the rays of sunlight. All too often of course we just can't be there at the proper moment or we simply miss the shot due to some other circumstance. Depending on the subject, all that may be overcome by the proper application of some digital manipulation. Such was the case for the image shared today in which I "helped" it just a bit to create what I was seeing in my mind when shooting some cacti at a local conservatory. The sunlight was filtering in through a less than clean window and was additionally disrupted by the plants in its path on the way to the cactus in which I was interested. The shot I was envisioning was something not unlike the glow of sunlight along the rim of earth such as seen in many of the shots taken by the astronauts. So I set to work and with a little thought came up with my vision of the sun creeping around the edge of the plant. ISO 200; 1/60 sec @ f/14 on a tripod.