Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

I had an indirect request for a sunset picture today and so I did a scouring of what I had available and decided that the sunset images I might share were more likely not exactly what the requester had in mind (I'm just guessing at this point) and elected to substitute a sunrise instead. Now, for those of you who have been paying close attention to what I've been sharing, you will recognize this as a spot from which I've taken many images, though perhaps none so red as this image. This is one of those examples of the golden hour of light of which the students were supposed to take advantage of for this week's class. Two more days and I'll know if they did. It is another example of a scene that lasted for just moments and is part of a sequence that goes from dark to light in roughly 15 minutes. I love to shoot this kind of stuff - anything in that golden hour, morning or evening, when each shot is uniquely different and often equally beautiful. If you are around anything that you like to photograph, but especially landscapes, find some time and get set up about 30 minutes before sun set and then shoot for that hour afterwords, or 90 minutes before sunrise and then shoot for that hour preceding. You'll be glad you did. ISO 800; 1/100 sec @ f / 10