Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

When we moved into our current house back in the very early 70s, we found that we were in for several very pleasant surprises, in that upon removing the paint off various items in the home that the fireplace bricks were comprised of two different tiles, one plain and the other, inlaid images. Likewise, when we cleaned the paint off some old lamps on the wall, to find that they were solid brass that needed only a little work to make like new. Such surprises are the kind you like to have every once in a while; those kinds offset those other kinds, like what I'll detail below. In a somewhat similar manner, as I paid closer attention to some of the images I took at the railroad exhibit in Snoqualmie,WA last summer, I noted that there was more info available on the side of the cars than I had originally envisioned. One such is the image for today of something called the Inland Empire Paper Co., a business of old I thought since I had never before heard of or seen anything about it. But curiosity, as they say, . . . . so I did a search for the Inland Empire Paper Co and was amazed the find several references to it, including one about the recreational opportunities they provided on company land. So not such an obscure company afterall, just one with which I wasn't familiar. A little bit of work on the image provided some idea as to how the original painting on the side of the car may have looked, and, to my way of thinking, it was likely quite attractive in its youth. ISO 1000, 1/100 sec @ f / 8.