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07 Mar 11. Arriving at moondown (like sundown but dealing with the moon) at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge I got to watch the scenery change from the very early morning cool pastel colors to the fleeting vibrant ones as the sun crested the cascade range and began to strike the surrounding vegetation. This grouping of hardwoods at waters edge put on a constantly changing show for about 5 minutes, and this image represents what was there at the point of greatest color. It reminded me of parts of Colorado when the aspens change their color and the east coast in general during fall. These trees however were leafless, and the color is just the sun reflecting off the bark. In the patches where the skim ice has melted you can see the color reflected. Where it isn't melted you get the blue of the sky. A bit colder than it was for Friday's image, but only by a couple of degrees. Not quite a shot from the golden hour of time but close enough to cause one to get out early and brave the elements. ISO 320; 1/320 sec @ f / 6.3.

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