Daily Image - Mar 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

17 Mar 11. Yesterday I played with the suggestion that position, relative to your subject, could have an affect on the impact of the image, although I don't believe it was stated in exactly those terms. There are many things that go together in creating an image with impact, of which light is of course paramount, but perspective, which was the subject of yesterday's chatter, does play an important part. Take for example the common English Daisy, of which you get to see three for today, daisies, not images. Instead of your typical flower shot in which the camera is generally some distance above the subject and/or somewhat distant from it, I put the camera at flower box level and took several shots. Since I was at a local nursery where they graciously allow photographers to roam around uninhibited all the time, I didn't feel like I wanted to disturb that relationship and thus didn't ask to rearrange the flowers, so you'll find a bit of a distracting white trellis in the shot. I could have removed it digitally, but, feeling not quite that ambitious, have left it alone. But it is there and shouldn't be! By getting literally at the level of the flowers, both the camera and the daisies being at the exact same height, you get the feeling of them being rather big. This would not be unexpected since we equate distance with size, i.e., the closer things are to us the bigger they appear. And having the camera at exactly the same level we give the height added emphasis. Thus we have perspective working for us in changing the impact of an otherwise small and relatively plain flower. A good starting point for a longer discussion on lens selection for a later date. ISO 400; 1/500 sec @ f / 11 (D300 this time)