Daily Image - Mar 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

31 Mar 11 Well. I must admit, I didn't know there was such a liking for B&W images with the group. Perhaps we need to resurrect Ansel. In any event, after reading all the comments, I'm sharing another B&W image for today, but this time I've come at it from a more standard approach and limited my work to a single image. In the process, it is becoming very obvious, at least to me, that B&W HDR is an area that has tremendous possibility and overlooked by just about every expert out there. I spent over 30 minutes working on this image as opposed to perhaps 5 minutes on the one for yesterday. To my eye the image shared yesterday has far greater detail and a much fuller complement of all the tones in Ansel's zone system than does the one for today. After working up this shot I did another in HDR and am pretty much convinced that I will start doing a lot more work with B&W HDR. I do believe I see a future magazine article on the topic. This was taken on Friday evening around 1900 as we watched the storm roll in. ISO 200; 1/800 sec @ f / 11.