Daily Image - Mar 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

10 Mar 11. With the chance of being boring accepted, we return to the Salish Slough and another HDR photo. Today's image is almost the same as yesterday's, save for a few additional features. And a little more of the story if you will. Directly behind the red building, a former and now defunct cannery, you will find several very run down homes of what are apparently fishing families who have maintained all their occupational equipments and have them strewn just about everywhere around their properties, including signs that let you know in no uncertain terms that these homes are PRIVATE PROPERTY and that you are not welcome. Situated directly across from these properties you find total opulence in 7 figure properties. The two groups of properties each looking across at the other. One can only wonder if the opulence represents ownership of the former cannery and the slum like properties those of the workers. I have absolutely no way of knowing anything about either group, and perhaps even speculating is completely inappropriate, most likely so! But as you look at the total picture you are free to make up your own story. This shot is taken from just a few feet distant from that of yesterday's offering, which I guess just supports that old adage of location, location, location. Puget Sound proper sits near the top of the image where the blue colored mountains peek out at you. ISO 200; 1/160 sec for the middle of the 5 frames that comprise this HDR image @ f /13.

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