Daily Image - Mar 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

15 Mar 11. After a solid week of rain, including a torrential downpour during Sunday night/Monday morning, the ground around our humble abode became over saturated and the basement flooded again for the third time in four years. Monday evening was to be a fun camera club meeting with me providing the image critiques, but instead the evening became part of 7 hour marathon towel brigade with a constant exchange of towels between basement floor and spin cycle in the clothes washer. So, with that in mind, I said to myself, why not a water based image for today. Not of the basement obviously, something a bit more relaxing. Thus, we return again to that cold morning at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and take a gander (actually they departed for this photo) at the view from the northern end of the viewing platform next to the visitor center. A basically simple view, but in its simplicity lies it elegance, at least to my way of seeing. Then again, even in its simplicity, you may see a couple interesting things in addition to the frosted grasses. And no, there are no geese hiding somewhere in the image. ISO 400; 1/400 sec @ f / 7.1.