Daily Image - Mar 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

25 Mar 11. Saturday will be the final outing for the Mountaineers Basic Photo class and once again we will meet at Fisherman's Terminal. For my taste the class convenes too late at 0700 to get the really great photos of the boat's lights reflecting off the surface of the water, so I arrive 90 minutes prior while it is still very dark, the water flat calm, the reflections great, and with time to do my own work before assisting the students. That is unless it is raining, and the weather guessers are calling for just that for Saturday morning making it doubtful that I will be able to get the material I want. Why the program Chair insists on holding the classes in March is a mystery to me as the 4 years in which I have participated have seen as least twice as many rainy days as sunny ones, but still we stand firm in our resolve. Believing that the weather will not be cooperative - I hope I'm wrong - I've picked a shot from last year with similar weather and modified it to make a hopefully interesting image although not what anyone would have seen. Nonetheless, what you are looking at should be very obvious, not nearly as obfuscated as some early Neiman paintings, which are currently selling for the tens of thousands, but still abstract enough to give you pause to see it clearly. ISO 200; 1/30 sec @ f / 22 on a tripod.