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02 Mar 11 Waiting for some flight action while standing on the side of the road, I noticed that a few of the geese were approaching a spot near me where there was a very slight mounding of the farmland. Apparently it was providing sufficient warmth for some of the standing ice to melt and offer a very small watering hole. As one looked out over the fields it was very much the case of "water, water every where and not a drop to drink", (apologies to Coleridge) except for this one small location. I watched this one animal taking sips for a period of perhaps 10 minutes, occasionally raising its head into the sunlight, such that it looked as though it had spent some time in a dental chair having a few gold crowns installed. Sorta reminded me of that villain of villains in Goldfinger, Odd Job, played by Harold Sakata. The goose however was just there getting a drink. While this individual was drinking no one else approached, but once finished and departed, several more all came at once to get a sip. Referencing back to yesterday's comments on the uplifted feathers on the three geese, it was suggested by a former Naval Aviator that in fact those feathers may be serving the function of spoilers, allowing for the geese to make a steeper angle of descent while landing. ISO 200; 1/1250 sec @ f / 9.

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