Daily Image - Mar 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

28 Mar 11. Having spent the day Friday doing a wildlife shoot in addition to swapping out grand children, we opted to skip meal preparation and journeyed the 1.5 miles to Fisherman's Terminal for a seafood dinner and a bit of pre-workshop photography. As we enjoyed the cuisine at our favorite seafood restaurant, we also took delight in watching the approaching storm and all its magnificent beauty as the clouds roiled in presenting in pure white to almost charcoal black with lots of gray shades in between. I spent more time photographing than I did eating, and was delighted by some of the images. As we returned home it was as if it would be a race to see what would happen first, our entering the house, or the rain drenching us. We beat the rain, and in fact, we were virtually rain free as it turned out, but just a couple miles to the east they got drenched for over an hour. So, when I departed on Saturday morning 90 minutes early for the workshop, I was greeted by a waxing crescent moon and a deep dark blue sky. One really couldn't ask for more and so I took the opportunity of working that 90 minutes rather hard and was well rewarded. For a number of the images I elected to go with an HDR approach, and the image for today is from one of those series. As it turned out, in several of the HDR series, a single image was the perfect shot and stood very well on its own, and this is one of them. The sun is just beginning to light the sky to the right of the image and the deep dark blue is giving away to a much brighter but still solidly blue color. I altered the white balance to make the camera believe I was working in tungsten light and as a result got much purer whites than would otherwise have been recorded. A cheap trick to get around the more commonly seen yellowish color resulting from this type of lighting. It is roughly 0630, the light changing very fast, and just minutes away from the sun putting on a very brief but spectacular performance as it rose above the Cascades and into a heavy cloud cover. And then shortly thereafter it began to rain for the rest of the day! ISO 200; 8 sec @ f / 10 on a tripod.