Daily Image - Mar 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

11 Mar 11. Downtown LaConner, WA offers much that is pleasing to the eye, including some interesting store fronts, a lovely arching red auto bridge, plenty of aquatic based themes, and a plethora of street art. If you enjoy the art of photography, this is a delightful place in WA State to visit. You can find something to do most any time of the year but I don't recommend visiting during the weekends of the annual Skagit Tulip Festival. You could of course visit then, and there would be MUCH to photograph, but finding a place to park might take you the better part of the weekend. A slight exaggeration perhaps, but not by much. Any other time of the year parking is a breeze, and the downtown area being small will be easily and fully accessible from any parking spot. I like going there any time things aren't crowded, and that includes week days during the festival when the store fronts and the streets are beautifully decorated with tulips of every color you might imagine, well, almost any color. As colorful as are the festival weeks, so are the opportunities for photographs throughout the year of just about everything that is downtown LaConner. For example, one might pick on the pieces of sculpture found along the waterfront, of which one of my favorites is a skeleton of a salmon through which you walk to transition from street to pier. It sits atop a ramp and walking through it you get the feeling of how Jonah may have felt during his journey in the belly of a big fish. A clever and attractive piece of sculpture, I share it with you from a slightly different perspective. In this shot you are looking up towards its mouth and the eyes are directly above you. ISO 200; 1/400 sec @ f / 8.