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04 Mar 11. This basic shot has been shared with you at least 5 times in the last two years, but each one has been significantly different form the other. The trip last Friday to Fir Island was the only time I've ever seen the area covered in snow, and the first time I've seen what is effectively a tidal flat snowed over. I had just walked back from shooting the geese the game department individual didn't like me doing, and in preparation for an afternoon shoot that didn't occur due to the window problem, took a short walk (perhaps 100 feet) to the top of the dike isolating the farm lands to the north - obviously former tide lands - from the remaining existing tide lands. As I walked up the dike I encountered the stickiest mug I've ever walked in and couldn't help but think it would make for some good pottery. Now I know nothing about pottery, but anything that sticky, when dried, probably wouldn't even need to be fired, it would just stick together! Along with anything in it, like my feet!! It was even slippery than it was sticky, so I took just a couple of shots for the moment, hoping it would become a bit more solid as evening approached, at which time I would come back and work the shoreline for a period of time. That of course didn't happen, so I'm sharing one of the two I did get, and one which I find reasonably interesting. The clear bright blue sky was giving the entire scene an oddly blue hue which, to my way of thinking, just made the entire area look cold. It was actually 26°F so it really didn't need that much help to be convincing; the blue color simply made the location look as though it was something out of the last ice age when glacier movement cut out Puget Sound. ISO 200; 1/1000 sec @ f / 9.

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