Daily Image - Mar 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

08 Mar 11. If you are anything like me, I'll wager that all too often there is surrounding beauty that goes unnoticed if not forever, at least until it is pointed out to us by someone or something else. My grandfather raised a few cows, my cousin raises cows, and we have been around cows at some time or another all our lives. But then, other than drooling, smelly, and messy critters they are just cattle. Or so it may seem unless you happen to have grown up 4-H or have a camera. Case in point is today's portrait. After having worked on the property for a few hours Sunday afternoon I gravitated to my cousin's farm to grab some firewood when his herd came up looking for a handout. Among them was Ten-ten, a 9 month old steer calf who happened to completely catch my eye although that was definitely not his intent. The late afternoon light was striking his coat and I was totally charmed by both its coloration and texture, so I started working with him to see what I could get. A couple of the photos of his coat turned out well as did a couple of his entirety from which I cropped out what you have for today. If you look closely you may get an appreciation for his coloration as well as for some of finer hairs on his head. Jan thought he would make a great pet, my cousin's wife as something that would look much better on a plate, and I could envision his head mounted on my wall, along with a pair of boots and a lariat. Not exactly similar perspectives, but all pertaining to Ten-ten. ISO 200; 1/200 sec @ f / 9.