Daily Image - Mar 2011 Archive - sonofjohan

21 Mar 11. A busy three days this past weekend with opportunities on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all of which proved rewarding but perhaps the biggest opportunity occurred Saturday night when, miracle of miracles, we had generally clear and rain free skies for the super moon event. No doubt you all heard about it and perhaps many of you got to witness it. With the celestial body predicted to be 30% brighter and 14% bigger than normal as it approached the earth, the closest it has been since 1993, a mere 221,656 miles away, I had to go try and grab a couple of shots. While I didn't get any publishable worthy images like those in the link above, those of us in attendance at the viewpoint on SW Admiral Way overlooking Harbor Island (very bottom of image) had a grand view of the entire show. From the moment it broke the summit of Tiger Mountain until it entered a dark cloud bank, the viewpoint area was shoulder to shoulder photographers. We watched, chatted with one another, and photographed the show for the better part of an hour, then departed for a second opportunity for another night photography shoot in a part of the city not far from where Jan and I grew up. I guess I'm glad I saw this particular moonrise but, in truth, I couldn't tell much difference between what we saw Saturday night and the other moons we've seen rise these last several years. Of course that may well have more to do with the deteriorating memory than reality. This image is obviously a composite of two, as the difference in exposure for the city and moon was 6 stops. ISO 200; 2 sec @ f / 8 (city) and 1/30 sec @ f / 8 (moon) on a tripod.

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