30 Dec 19	For reasons I don't understand, every once in a while MT Rainer projects as if it is just a few miles distant and renders the cities nestled on the eastern shoreline of Puget Sound as though they were built on the base of the Cascades. In truth they sorta are, but nowhere near as close as they appear when the mountain appears as it does in this image. This was taken on a December late afternoon crossing from Kingston to Edmonds. The sun was sinking beneath a daylong overcast sky casting a golden glow on the mountain as a large container ship passed in front of the ferry. With the nautical rule that size has the right of way, we gave way to the freighter as it slowly made its way toward harbor island in Seattle just out of the frame on the right. Of course one can always get this type of image by using a super telephoto, which is how many of the chase scenes in the movies are created - think Raiders of the Lost Ark, this was not taken with such.<br />
<br />
Other then a small amount of contrast enhancement for improved detail, this is what the camera recorded.  Faux Long Tele Compression  Nikon D300s; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 200; 1/250 sec @ f / 8.
27 Dec 19  #3 and counting down. Pictures it is said are everywhere, you just need to open your eyes and see them. Of course having a wildly open mind helps at times.   While walking through our old Ballard neighborhood when Miss Maggie was just 16 weeks old, I happened to notice something strange when strolling down one of the many alley ways in that part of the city. It looked much like a hat rack with lots of colored, most blue, bottles stuck on each of the protruding pegs. It was a somewhat unique hat rack in that instead of the typical 4 - 8 pegs, it had pegs going from top to bottom and on each one was a bottle. It caught my eye because of its uniqueness so I snapped a few frames. When I showed it to a couple of folks in the camera shop where I was working they immediately identified it as a bottle tree. Never heard of a bottle tree prior so it was a new experience (sheltered childhood I guess). I shared a version of it back then but somewhat different from what I'm sharing today as I didn't have the creative software programs available then that I have now. So for today's close up we have a brownish stand adorned with many blue wine bottles and a single white hard liquor one. For those of you puzzle lovers this might make for a fun puzzle.<br />
<br />
This is straight from the camera with the Topaz Glow 2 Graphic Sketch I filter employed. Needing an Ale House  Nikon D300; 18 - 200; Aperture priority; ISO 400; 1/250 sec @ f / 8.