26 Sep 18	Let's pick up - sorta - from where we left off yesterday. Today we are looking down on a group of colonies of Adele Penguins, home to the birds if you will; perhaps where those guys were heading yesterday. I need to describe some of what you are seeing. The light tan irregular "circle-like" shapes are guano and the black specks are the penguins standing on top of it. Each of these colonies is comprised of from 50 to several hundred individuals. We choppered out to this research site but stayed far away from the birds and the researchers so as not to interfere with either. The researchers are shuttled to these sites by chopper in late September / early October and left there for the duration of the summer research season and then picked up again at the end of the season. Should they run short of necessities or should some kind of emergency occur the choppers provide the needed support. If you are smart you are not on the flight returning them to McMurdo after several months of no showers working with the critters.  Even from the top of the hill from where I shot the photo you could easily smell the colonies!!!!  The blue area at the top and left of the frame is the ice edge (McMurdo Sound) and the curvy white area a frozen river that hadn't yet completely thawed at the time I took the shot. You obviously can't count the individual birds, but there are several thousand in the photo.  There is in excess of 30 colonies in this single frame.  One thing you can count on, there is no shortage of Adeles in this part of Antarctica!<br />
<br />
The photo isn't as "clean" as I'd wish but it, like the others, is a scan from a 35mm slide. This is the full frame of the original 35mm slide.  Count'm  Nikon F2As; 135mm; ISO 100; likely 1/125 @ f /11. As it was quite windy I likely should have tried for less dof and a faster shutter. Oh for digital back then!!!!