01 Oct 19	Back from Yellowstone a day early; 15 days, 2,438 miles, and 4,235 images. Weather was challenging at times, fall color was about two weeks late and for the most part had yet to start - it did a few days before we departed -  and we hit the front end of the Rockies storm that made headlines. That said, we had a very good time with friends from MD who joined us for a week and we experienced MANY firsts! Got home about 3 hours ago and am rather tired so just a quick note for this first back from Yellowstone mailing. Sharing another sunset photo which I took just before we got to the motel on day 1. The day started out overcast, remained so for the entire drive, then turned quite stormy toward the end of the day, only to suddenly conclude with a vibrant display of color. This sunset was a first for me in that I've not before encountered one that had as a part of it a rain squall which you can see at the top of the frame. Rather different but it made for a fitting end of the day.<br />
<br />
01 Oct 19    This is straight from the camera except for some trivial housekeeping. Fitting End of the Day  Nikon D500; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 200; 1/100 sec @ f / 9.
02 Oct 19	Yesterday we looked at the conclusion of the first day's drive; today we look at the initiation of that drive. Stormy weather was to be the theme of the 15 day jaunt, some of it threateningly so and some of it delightfully so. We decided to take the ferry to Seattle this time to avoid the I-5 parking lot and it proved the right decision. However the ride across Puget Sound did not give us a feeling of confidence as the clouds were hanging directly overhead and were ominously dark. I was expecting a downpour any moment but we made the crossing having to deal solely with the threat. It did make for a dramatic view and so I framed the city with its two icons guarding it. On the left is of course the 605' Space Needle completed in 1962 and which is indirectly responsible for all the high rise buildings in the city. On the right is the 484' Smith Tower, the highest building west of the Mississippi River at the time of its building in 1914, and a building which was to be the tallest building in the city forever. But money talks and the ordinance forbidding anything to be taller than the Smith Tower was waived for the Space Needle . . . . .  and that opened Pandora's box. With this as the beginning of the trip, I was thinking it could only get better. In many ways it did and although we saw few animals save for multitudes of Bison, and almost no autumnal yellows in the trees, we did see some spectacular ground color and other colorful sights all of which will be forth coming. Note the presence of 13 of the new state bird, the crane.<br />
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This is pretty much what the camera saw except for a small amount of contrast enhancement. Arriving  Nikon D500; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority;  ISO 100; 1/1600 sec @ f / 9.