05 Nov 18   With the change in time and now experiencing the really dark evenings (I still think DST should be reversed with the "extra" hour of sunlight in the winter, not the summer) I thought I'd start the standard time season with an equally winter like image. This was taken in Yellowstone during last year's winter trip and was taken on the day we got snowed in. It's a shot of a set of trees I shoot each year but this was my first time to see them clothed in their winter garb. The image I'm sharing is a creative one. I took the original and added a colored texture overlay to it and then converted that to a B&W format. The combination of effects has rendered it a bit soft but that's what I was after to simulate the heavy storm, think blizzard, conditions we were in for most of that day.  I still regret the folks I was with not being willing to spend our time working the storm instead of looking for non-existent animals who as it turned out were smarter than were we. They had hunkered down!! That storm would have made for a very good selling book.<br />
<br />
I've described what I did above. Foreboding  Nikon D500; 18 - 200; Aperture priority; ISO 400; 1/320 sec @ f /13.