03 Jun 19	A malfunctioning lens can put a real damper on a photo shoot, especially when it isn't immediately obvious that such is the case. Enter modern software that is becoming more and more capable on a monthly basis. Some of these improvements are wonderful, but others, such as the new AI versions, leave me a bit concerned. The new software however has allowed me to salvage a goodly proportion of the less than ideal images. Today's submission is one from that group and I used an AI version of an older product that rendered it acceptably well. Black Sand Basin is located in the same geyser basin that contains Old Faithful, but oddly enough, I had never visited it before. It a small area with only three geothermic entities, all located on a short boardwalk, and easily accessible for anyone. It was a bit windy when I made the walk and as such it offered some opportunities to play with the steam being teased by the wind. Probably should have spent more there than I did but I'll have another opportunity in a few months.<br />
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Other than a little contrast enhancement, this is what the camera saw.  Iron Spring  Nikon D500; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority;  ISO 200; 1/1250 sec @ f /10
10 Jun 19	The fall trip to Yellowstone ended as it almost always does, sitting in line at the Edmonds ferry terminal for an hour or more awaiting a ferry to take us across. The problem gets worse year after year with the State run ferry system patting itself on the back for it's wonderful innovations, such as the most recent concept, reservations. I'll let it rest at that because my inclination is to go on and on about our decreasing services with continually increasing prices. In any event, if one happens to be in the waiting line on a non rainy evening the view from Edmonds looking across Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains can be quite majestic, as it was on that evening during my 90 minute wait. The tide was in, the sky was clear, and the sun had already taken its leave behind the mountains. A few birds were still looking for a meal and the passenger ramp was reflecting the skyline in its windows. Very idyllic, and not all that hard on the eyes to be sure, but after 10 hours of driving even a sight such as this didn't help much with the frustration of a needless extension of the day by an additional hour and a half. At least it wasn't raining.<br />
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Other than some cropping, this is what the camera recorded.  Awaiting the Conclusion  Nikon D500; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 320; 1/200 sec @ f / 9.