12 Jun 13. With the departure of the cherubs and family following a weekend sleep over 9th birthday party, Jan thought it would be nice to go look at something calming so we headed over to Sequim to drive along one of her favorite drives, part of which is a section of 2-lane road paralleling the Strait of Juan deFuca on the West and some VERY nice homes on the East. As we were driving along we noticed a small group of cars parked on the side of the road with folks siting in chairs with either binoculars or cameras pointing upward. We assumed they were watching something in the trees and figured we'd stop and inquire on our way back. By the time we returned there were fewer folks but we stopped anyway to inquire and as we did Jan spotted a large nest in the trees. The eerie belonged to a pair of breeding Bald Eagles whose previous nest had been blown away in a storm two years previous. This new nest was but two years old but looked large enough to have been in place for years. I inquired as to the activity and was told that there was one chick in the nest, that it had been walking along the edge earlier and that it had almost fallen off but was now safely inside the nest. As we were chatting the adults returned with mom joining junior with the evening meal and dad positioning himself a few trees away. When supper was over she departed with the debris leaving, I would imagine, a partially clean nest as we departed for supper of our own. The nest construction however was not as neat, so I had to clone out a number of branches obstructing part of her body and both wings as well as reconstruct her wings. Zoom in and take a good look at those feet. Wouldn't want to be on that end of the bird.Nikon D300s; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 200; 1/500 sec @ f / 9. - sonofjohan | SmugMug