02 Jan 13. Welcome to 2013 and the start of year 8 of the Daily Image. Here's hoping that all your teams won today, your heads are feeling fine, and that the Ball didn't hit you last night! Every Dec 3st/Jan 1st I put all the text of the year's mailings into a single document; even with one month off (3 weeks in Jan and one week in Sept) the text for 2012 totaled 93 pages. I must be getting very wordy. I have a volume for every year I've been doing this and it is fun to go back and read it as an annual diary. It gives me a good feel for the year and how it went. There were a few themes in the 2012 diary and among them were travel and weather. The weather this past year being one of extremes in duration of either dry or wet. And so far nothing of the white kind of wet to speak of other than a couple of days of flurries, but I can hope. These past few days have been cold, damp, and windy with the potential for some dramatic skies, so what better to start off the year than a pano of the big city taken from the water. This image consisted of 9 frames that I've stitched together to give a view of the entire waterfront, something that must have looked vastly different 150 ago. From this vantage point it is hard to believe that there were ever any trees on the hills at all. I would have preferred not having the Space Needle growing out of a tall building like it is, but one way or another it would be growing out of one of the buildings. Next time I'll just have to ask the Captain to reposition the vessel. Nikon D300s; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 200; 1/500 sec @ f /10. - sonofjohan | SmugMug