Daily Image - Feb 2011 Archive - sonofjohan
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As snow falls over much of our nation, including multiple flurries here today that were fun to observe but didn't do anything more than provide for entertainment, I thought I'd switch gears a bit, go with a close-up (not quite close enough to be considered macro) image of spring. Sitting on our front steps are a number of pots containing a myriad of different flowers, and one pot is currently adorned with narcissus. This morning during a couple of short sun breaks, the kind designed to lure you outside on false pretenses, I noticed the sun teasing this small grouping of the plants. So between making and eating the morning mush I grabbed the ol' camera and shot several frames. I was unable to edit my favorite shot satisfactorily - likely few if any on this list would have caught what I found offensive in my editing but I really didn't like it - so I tossed it in favor of this one which did edit acceptably. Now you are no doubt wondering what did he do, so here it is. I cropped about 30+% off the right side that was competing with what you see remaining, likewise about 5% on the left, and then erased a couple very small annoying plant pieces off the top and bottom left corners. Then of course I added a small amount of contrast by employing a curves adjustment layer. Otherwise, it is a pretty straight image. ISO 200; 1/200 sec @ f / 10.