03 Jul 19	Something a bit lighter for today and maybe even amusing. It's a simple documentary shot and not anything special except for the action it caught. Driving down to Cannon Beach that first evening we noticed a horse posed very gallantly along a stream over which we were driving. It was a shot I should have taken but I had my mind on Haystack Rock and passed it by. On our return to the motel we passed over that same bridge and now the horse was quite a ways off but with others and I thought there might be a photo lurking there. So we stopped and I got out to shoot. As I walked onto the bridge two of the horses began quarreling with each other and I started trying to capture the action. Didn't get exactly what I wanted, but I did get quite close. I snapped the shutter fractions of a second late but the shot caught the head of the paint as it snapped back having just been kicked by the white horse. You can see the motion in the head of the paint and the tail of the white guy. Not sure which mare they were fighting over but it was an interesting show. The fight continued for another 5 minutes post kick with both stallions eventually getting, I would imagine, too tired to carry it further. All the farm garbage ruins the shot but it does put things in perspective. Back to the more picturesque stuff tomorrow, hopefully with a bit of fireworks if all goes as planned.<br />
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Other than some cropping, this is straight from the camera. Round Two  Nikon D500; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 200; 1/80 sec @ f / 9.
08 Jul 19	As promised we return to the trip images. The evening of that first day of the trip when we stayed in Seaside was for the most part very disappointing but probably mostly my own doing as I tend to build up expectations far beyond what I should and then find things not to be as I thought they should be. Or so I'm told frequently enough! When Haystack Rock didn't pan out - and that isn't an exaggeration - I turned my attention to different sea stacks that were more readily available and weren't crawling with humans and dogs. This set of two large and seven small rocks were to the immediate left of Haystack and were being ignored by all but two individuals whom I made seem as though they were working with Houdini. At first glance these rocks and the surrounding water don't necessarily appear all that interesting, but take a little time and study the image carefully. You should find several hundred birds either in the water or flying around the rocks, many more on the rocks, a ship on the horizon, and what I believe to be either a solo Killer Whale or False Killer Whale between the two bigger rocks centered between them about one inch from their tops. The majority of the birds are Cormorants but there are also several seagulls and a pair of large birds I can't identify. Have fun finding all the critters; Waldo however isn't among them.<br />
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This is basically straight from the camera save for some straightening of the horizon and a bit of contrast enhancement. Towers of Life  Nikon D500; 18 - 200; ISO 200; 1/500 sec @ f / 9.