02 Jan 17	After suggesting that I would be limiting the B&W images, Jan picked this image out from a grouping of 10 so I figured I'd better go with it.   One neighbor south and east of us, an elderly lady, drives her small vehicle from her house to the street each morning heading south, then after having traveled about 12 feet stops, backs up about 15 feet, and heads back into her driveway stopping momentarily to pick up her paper before driving back to the house. It is sorta funny when you watch her do it. But do it she does, and every day without fail. Occasionally she is in the process when I take her majesty out for her morning ablutions, so when it happens during walk time we just casually observe. Her driveway is one of Maggie's favorite places to explore and I don't blame her as the driveway is absolutely beautiful with a moss lined center bordered by fir and cedar trees from one end to the other. As you gaze into this photo you will see a set of three mailboxes on the right although you may not be able to make all three out clearly. Directly across the road on the left is the entrance to our drive. The snowfall amounted to a full 1/4 inch which when combined with what we got a couple weeks back gives us a total of 3/16ths for this winter; exactly 3/16ths more than our total for last winter if my memory serves me correctly which Jan claims is a rare event and does not agree with my assessment. Off tomorrow early to shoot eagles, mountains, and whatever else we come across up in the Skagit.<br />
<br />
This is a straight from the camera shot converted to B&W using the Topaz bw effects 2 plug-in.  Nikon D300s; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 400; 1/125 sec @ f / 5.6.
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