01 Jun 16.   While we never got to visit the largest falls in the U.S. on our last visit to Yellowstone due to both time constraints and the area being closed, we did get to visit the second largest falls on the last day of our return leg of the trip. While it may not be the biggest falls in our country, it also doesn't cost $80 to visit - it's free -, is right off I-90 on mostly a 4 lane road, and is open year round, and you can get great lodging and meals but at a price!. At 285 feet from top to bottom, it is a most impressive place to visit but if you do be forewarned that it literally creates its own weather, generally degrees of WET, so be prepared for "slightly" inclement weather even on a summer day. We last visited the area 5 years ago and were not prepared for all the changes that have occurred, but even though I definitely liked the older display area better, it is still quite nice. When we were young, and in particular when we were dating, we used to go to Snoqualmie Falls Lodge for their famous 7 course breakfast. At $25 a seat it was a "bit" pricey, but WELL worth it especially including the dramatic view of the falls you enjoyed throughout the meal. Afterwards you didn't need to eat again for 3 days, so all-in-all it was a pretty good deal and one you'd NEVER forget. It is no longer in operation the old lodge having been bought out by another firm and that wonderful breakfast a thing of the past, but not in the past for us!!<br />
<br />
This is basically a straight shot from the camera although I did selectively lighten a few areas of the rock walls that were a little too dark.  Nikon D300s; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 250; 1/320 sec @ f / 8.
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