01 Sep 16.     Just north of the town of Big Sky, MT, on highway 191, you start to encounter Big Horn Sheep. There are a couple of flashing lights alerting you of the sheep being present, but as we have yet to see the lights NOT blinking, regardless of the presence of any animals, I don't think them to be of much use. I guess if nothing else, they do tell you there MIGHT be animals around. On this particular evening we were returning from a trip to Bozeman when I noticed a small group of young rams standing on the hillside close to the road so we drove to the closest pullout and I parked and walked back to shoot them. Unfortunately there wasn't anywhere to stand save for the bitter edge of the highway and with 18 wheelers using the road it was a bit of a challenge to not get blown over the edge into the adjacent river which at the moment was a raging torrent of water. Working between the passing big guys I was able to get a few decent shots with snow falling around us. I tried to give this a bit of the local Indian art look through the use of a creative effect constrained with a mask. These two guys were talking to a larger number of their group directly on the right but out of the frame.<br />
<br />
I cropped the base image a small amount, applied a special effect using Topaz Impression 2, and placed a mask over that to keep the rams crisp. Nikon D300s; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 500; 1/100 sec @ f / 6.3.
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