12 Nov 19	During the 6 years that we lived in Ballard we frequently made the mile+ walk from our home to Sunset Hill Park where we had a delightful view of the Olympics, a nice grassy area for the dog, and a relief map of the mountains so you could identify which peak was which. The view overlooked Shilshole Marina and a large expanse of Puget Sound. It was a great place to just relax and enjoy the view, be it of the mountains, the Sound, the barking seals in holding pens, the stars, the storms, the marine traffic, or any combination of the set. Today's offering is from an evening when the weather was the major player and one of those scenes it is hard to forget. It was almost as though the Heavens had opened and the Second Coming was at hand. When you think about it that might have been the perfect ending to that day, and maybe more!!  This is one of those captures that renders itself to more than one presentation so I'm thinking I'll share a couple others, the original color version tomorrow and a creative one for Theatrical Thursday.<br />
<br />
Other than some cropping and the obvious conversion to B & W, this is straight from the camera. Approaching Ansel  Nikon D300; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 200; 1/400 sec @ f /8.