26 Feb 19	Generally our last stop for photos on the way to the condo is a location called Beaver Creek. I've seen elk, deer, heron, ducks, crane, geese, ravens, eagle, and moose there, but never a beaver. It's a lovely spot whenever you visit and I like to go back there during our stays just to see what might be hanging around. It was from this location that I got the shots of the dueling cranes I shared a while back. During our Oct '18 visit we paid the area a visit following a light snowfall to see what might be hanging out and as a turnoff of Hwy-287 leads you down to Beaver Creek proper on what might best be called a logging road with lots of bear beware signs, I was hopeful that we might get a sighting although I believe I was alone with that desire. As it turned out we didn't see anything save for a couple of birds so I had to settle for landscapes and macro shots. This is a landscape in looking downstream toward the Beaver Creek viewing area. The evergreens looked as though they had been dipped in powered sugar and the logs lining the stream like they had been frosted. It was a bit chilly but the experience simply delightful and the views spectacular.<br />
<br />
This is pretty much straight from the camera save for some slight dodge and burning. Bear Country  Nikon D500; 18 - 200; Aperture Priority; ISO 500; 1/1000 sec @ f / 9.