02 May 20	As some of you may recall my thoughts on Adobe are best not put in print. Today Adobe took that a step further when I was unable to use their programs unless I was connected to the internet where I guess they can spy on me. So I decided to take some time today and do some serious playing with another piece of software, Skylumn's Luminar 4. (Should this entice you, you can gt a $10 discount here.)This is a nice piece of software I've been considering as an Adobe replacement for some time and now in ver 4.2 it is quite powerful. Priced at $89 it is yours to keep, works perfectly offline, and once purchased it is yours for the life of that version (the 4 number to the left of the decimal). Today's mailing is my first effort using the software. First observation is it is a bit slow, second observation is I'll need to be spending considerable time learning it as it is quite a bit different from what I'm used to using, and the third observation is that it is VERY capable. A bit about what I did with the image I'm sharing. The original image is of chunks of ice on a beach in Iceland. (I'll be sharing a couple more images from this beach in a few days so I'll fill you in on all that then.) To that I added a milky way sky to replace the awful sky that we experienced the day we were there. Part of this was a test of the software's highly touted ability to replace skies. In this image there was no delineation between the sky and the sea, so the software had nothing to use for a horizon. So we had to work as a team to put all this together. Once I got it to a reasonably acceptable piece, I made 6 other versions of it. Jan picked out two of the 7 and we settled on this b & w.<br />
<br />
The original was slightly cropped and then the sky added; again, this was an initial effort with a new piece of software.  Scaylea-Like   Nikon D500; 18 - 200; Manual; ISO 200; 15/sec @ f / 9 obviously on a tripod.