22 Jan 19	I had forgotten about the eclipse Sunday night but was reminded by a church friend who had called to thank us for a card we had sent her. In her comments she stated she hoped I would get a good shot of the eclipse. That jogged my memory and I located an article Jan had saved for me about it that I hadn't yet read. As I did I realized things were about to happen so I drove to a neighbor's home and took a look only to see mostly clouds so I figured I wouldn't get to see it. Returned home, had dinner, and gave things a second look. In the interim the wind had blown the clouds away and the show was already underway. Hurried to the neighbors and started shooting only to realize I needed a longer lens so went back home and got a bigger one. I then spent the next 90 + minutes shooting the eclipse while chatting with the neighbors. I gave up the shoot when I could no longer feel my hands. The neighbor kids meanwhile were running around barefoot and in t-shirts. I was freezing wearing multiple layers; they were like little bonfires. Their dad says they aren't humans but fish. Last night I could believe it! I don't own the proper equipment for getting top quality astrological images, especially something like a gyro driven Celestron scope, so I have to work with more typical landscape type images. As a result what I'm sharing can't compete with the big boy stuff you likely saw either on the tube or in the paper Monday morning, but it will give you some small idea of the show Sunday evening/night/Monday morning depending on where you reside. It took 3 x as long to put this together as it did to shoot it but at least the composite was done in the relative comfort of the studio.<br />
<br />
This is a 27 image composite plus three additional layers for a 30 layer total composite of the super blood wolf moon. I got started too late to get the entire sequence although I could have faked it using another capture. Full Lunar Eclipse  Nikon D500; 80 - 400; Aperture Priority;  ISO 640; 1/250 - 1/10 sec @ f / 9.